Importing project resources, error

I try to import the Back.Png object, I’ve bought the package and the other objects inside works. Every time I try to start the game i get the following ”Error” and the object isn’t even used since I deleted it. And the same message also comes up if i try to Add it.

Has anyone had the same issue or do you know the solution. Would be very grateful.

The problem is from the GDevelop side, not yours. The error 404 means that it is having problems when contacting the server to import your asset. This could mean that the package you are trying to download or import is no longer available or can’t be contacted by GDevelop servers. I recommend just waiting just to try again to see if it works. The server could be on maintenance or not working properly when you were trying to download or import that asset. If it still doesn’t work, the package you are trying to import is not working properly when contacting the GDevelop server for it, so I recommend using a different package.