Importing Projects

Am I able to import my Gdevelop projects to other games engine like say, O3DE or Godot so I can have access to more things and be able to make my game more immersive, I’m not tryna say GDevelop is bad, I enjoy using it and have learned a lot using it but in case something were to happen would it be possible to import to another engine.

No, generally game engine projects are not interoperable (they are specific to that game engine), and this is true for GDevelop projects as well.

oh ok, thank you for letting me know!

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@Silver-Streak Oh Yeah, also can we use Python scripting or is it only Javascript?

Not really sure how that’s related to importing projects, however:
GDevelop’s primary scripting language is the event system.

You can use Javascript events if you absolutely want, but it does not have the same level of support in the community as the event system, so it would require you to be a fully experienced JS dev. You can learn more about JS here: Using JavaScript with GDevelop game engine | GDevelop

No other languages are supported for game logic.

oh ok thank you very much!