Improve Object animations loading on the UI

The animations tab on sprite objects, greatly slow down its loading time after adding more than 50 animations. with something simple like 10 or less animations, the load will be instantenious, but having 57 at the current time takes me 2 full seconds to load up, which feels jarring. I propose an option into the menus to have a page-based system, where you would have options to choose how many animations are loaded in per page, and a ability to click on page numbers, like google. This would reduce the amount of animations to be loaded in at once, as well as loading in all the animations when opening the object’s animatios would get reduced. Putting things that could possibly be infinitely long would benefit from the loading work to be rationed into pages, making loading times and workflow faster.


We could also keep the current UI and use virtualisation or suspense to optimize the loading speed

(For non developers, virtualisation means not rendering parts of the UI that are not yet visible, it is used in GDevelop for example to display event sheets with consistent performance no matter how much the events list grows, and suspense allows to render a part of the UI with a placeholder for elements that are not loaded yet, which would allow to already show the animation editor even though all images are not yet loaded with a loading animation in place of the images that take longer to load)

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