Improve sharing of events / bbcode on forum

I see a lot of people sharing “code” snippets here on the forum, which is inefficient and hard to reuse.
I think it would really improve the quality of life for newbies and veterans here if the IDE allowed you to copy logic blocks “As Markdown” which could be pasted as-is on the forums and elsewhere. (BBCode I think would be fine too)
Stretch goal of course would be to allow “Paste from Markdown” to allow importing.

The alternative approach would be to add a widget to the forum that understands how to render the JSON blobs that GDevelop currently uses… I’m guessing this would be harder and more tedious than adding human readable export/import natively.

It would be great to be able to share functional snippets more easily, indeed.
I’m not fond of the forum widget approach because I would like to share snippets outside the forum (Discord, Whatsapp, etc.)
Note though that events can already be copy-pasted, it’s just ugly and you have to be careful about character conversion (e.g. quotes).


If such blocks could be hidden on the forum and converted to a ‘Copy events to clipboard’ button, it could be a nice start.

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With a little bit of modification the admin on the forum can edit this files for discourse.
This add a copy button.
Files can be easily edited for create a button “Copy the event” or “Copy action” or “Copy condition”.

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What is sure is that the issue of character conversion can be solved by using triple backticks (```) rather than a quote (>) in Markdown.

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Making a result like this: