Improve usability of the scene editor

There are 3 things with the scene editor that could be easily improved imo.

  1. Give smaller objects priority when selecting overlapping instances instead of basing it on ZOrder. As it is right now, as soon as you put a smaller object behind a bigger one you can only select it from the instance list. If smaller objects had priority you could always select every object from the editor.

  2. Selecting multible objects is a bit awkward right now. I think we should be able to ‘control select’ multible objects. And when selecting multible objects with the mouse alone it seems like we have to select all instances entirely. I think the instance should be selected when it touches the selection rectangle and not when it is entirly in it. I am not 100% sure how this works at the moment but it is not intuitive.

  3. When copy pasting multible instances all the new instances should be selected. As it is right now, if I copy paste 4 objects and try to move them aroud as a group afterwards it doesn’t work because only one is selected. We can’t just select all the new instances because they are created over the old ones and we can not select the separately from them.

  1. and 3. sounds good, but 2. is okay for me how it works at the moment. Also e.g. in inkscape it works like this. I do not want to select thousand things that are near or in the background. Long tiled ground sprites and all that will be always selected…
    Maybe with an option in preferences or at hold shift, etc.

Hmm… I don’t see why ground sprites would always be selected if you don’t need to select the entire object that stands on it (assuming you are talking about platformers now). You could just select the top of it and not be near the ground.

As for the background, I always lock that but if you don’t do that I can see how that would cause problems.