Improved build: Try to compile GD on your own computer!

Hey everyone,

I’ve updated the build process that is needed to compile GD: on most computers, you just now need to download & install CMake, launch it, generate the build file (“Makefile”) and launch this file.

Can you let me know if you managed to build GD on your OS? To build GD:

On Linux distro, compilation should also be done easily after you have installed the requirements (wxWidgets and some dependencies, see step-by-step details)

I’m working on compiling GD for Ubuntu using PPA, and I know that victor managed to compile GD on the OpenSuse build service ( … e=gdevelop) : thanks to these improvements, I think we should be able to offer packages for GD for Ubuntu and other distro soon :slight_smile:

Packages are available for OpenSUSE 13.2 and Arch Linux (download only, not in official repo) and I’m still waiting for Fedora 21 to be added to OpenSUSE targets as I can’t build on a Fedora 20 target (wx3 is only on Fedora 20’s update repo as wx3 was released after but this repo is not enabled on the OBS F20 target)

Alpha packages for OpenSUSE and Arch Linux :
Packages status :

EDIT : We can’t build GD on OBS Ubuntu because universe repo is not activated (so no wx…). Anyway, Launchpad is better for that.

Fantastic Victor!
If you made any modification or created packaging scripts, we should include them (in Binaries/Packaging) as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Already done in a separate branch (will improve that again and I’ll push a PR) : … td-support
This branch change :

  • support for wxWidgets built with std containers (some changes needed, also in IDE/wxstdedit) (that’s explain the name of the branch :stuck_out_tongue:)
  • Disable RPATH (SKIP_RPATH = TRUE in CMakeLists.txt) because it’s forbidden on Fedora/SUSE distro and depreciated on Debian/Ubuntu. By the way, was it really needed as it is written in the associated comment ?
  • Add a script similar to PackageForUbuntu (but doesn’t upload) and SPEC file for RPMS and PKGBUILD for Arch

I still need to use the official make install in the packaging process instead of copying the files with a custom file but there are some constraints I need to solve first : the official desktop file is incorrect for SUSE distro (I’ve made another one), because of “Application” category (not valid) and full path to icon (need to copy the icon in /usr/share/pixmaps and just refer to it by using it name)

EDIT : For the problem you have with missing file on ppa, if it’s the resources files that are missing, you should try to copy the content of Release_Windows into Release_Linux before sending to the PPA because the archive doesn’t contain the .git folder and git archive command cannot be used to retrieve runtime files. (that’s what I’ve done in script)

Ok, upload is not mandatory for the PackageForSomething file. :slight_smile:
For RPATH, I don’t really know, but I guess that I could remove it.

It’s the resource files that are indeed missing (I also forgot to list rsync as a dependency, it’s fixed!). The already include some files like Boost.7z and SFML.7z because buildbots can’t download these, but I guess I’ll also have to copy the content of Release_Windows to Release_Linux. Thanks! :smiley:

The only difference I had after I’ve disabled RPATH is that I need to launch GD using the script to get it work (it was working with GDIDE also before) because the lib full path is not in this file anymore. But with the script, GD’s folder is added to the linker path and it is working correctly.

Just coming from here:

I have noticed if I close the scene first, I can quit GD after but not before, the scene need to be closed first.

Just found an other problem with the openSUSE build. Can’t add new conditions and actions to the events.
When I want to add a new condition or action, an rgb error message comes up:
“iCCP: cHRM chunk does not match sRGB”
and finally the selected action or condition is not added to the event.

Also, after if I close the project it makes GD quit is well :confused:

Victor, any idea on how to fix these iCCP: cHRM chunk does not match sRGB errors?

How about opening faulty image in GIMP and resaving it? It helped me with some bad image downloaded from the web that opened fine in IrfanView and GIMP, but once put into image bank showed that error whenever accessed from non-sfml parts of the UI (like editors, etc.).

We don’t know which one are incorrect and there are a lot of files. We should try to create a bash script to clean that.

Anyway, the OpenSUSE build service added Fedora 21 to their list of target today. When it will work correctly, packages will be available for Fedora 21 (which, I think, is almost as used as Ubuntu).

Well, I know this is an old post.
Only want to say I compiled GDevelop on my odroid-u3+Lubuntu_14.04.2.
It takes, about one hour (more or less) on a micro-sd card.
I have test some of the games included and seems to work right.
Now, If all continues working right, I can make games with this fanless mini computer…Great. :smiley:

Awesome! You followed the documentation to build it? :smiley:

Yes, I was not sure it would work for arm processors, but it does.
And working from one eMMC instead the MicroSD would improve it.
That’s the next thing I would try.

I wonder if it’d work on Pi. Don’t have Pi to test it on tho.

It works but it’s not usable (at least on the RPi 1 B). It should work better on the RPi 2 B.