Improved transition behavior

is it possible to add to the constructor the improved behavior of transitions as in the construct 3, in which there would be more adjustments for such appearance and disappearance times as well as the Wait time

There is already a user made extension adding numerous transition options, search the built in extension list for flash and transition.

Most other transitions styles are possible via events, layer effects, and sprites.

The fact is that in that extension there are no such settings, there you can only choose which effect to use and that’s it.

I don’t think you’re looking at the right extension, or you haven’t looked at the settings in the event to activate it.

As mentioned when you install the extension, there are numerous parameters:
Here’s the detail on the transition types when installing the extension:

Here’s the event added by the extension:

As you can see, duration, color, type of effect, direction if it’s a direction based transition, all exist in the event.

maybe you didn’t understand what I meant, but on Sunday I will be at a normal computer and I will show you what exactly is missing there

But to be brief, I meant such settings with the help of which it would be possible to make the transition so that the transition would appear but not disappear, or vice versa Or, for example, a black effect would appear, then there would be a delay of 5 seconds and then the black effect would disappear, or vice versa, first the black effect then disappears and then a delay of 5 seconds and then the Black effect appears

This adjustments to effects can be achieved with a few events. If you don’t want these in your scene event sheet and only want one clean command, then create an extension to hide the work, leaving only one action to call. That’s all that is happening in Construct3 - the work is hidden behind a command or call that someone else has created.

And to add on to what MrMen is saying, if you want the event to stay before you change scenes or transition, you would just switch this event in the existing extension from “yes” to “No”:

Here’s a flash transition, with that change, and only this event:

You can test it out yourself:

Overall, the functionality you’re asking for exists via events in the system, and this user made extension. 95% of it works exactly as you want out of the box, and the remaining 5% is just you setting a timer or tweaking the event above.