Improving the user experience in the editor toolbar

I think the marked options in toolbar can be toggle buttons.
I am new to GDevelop and exploring the editor and other stuff.
While exploring I was somewhat confused which editor is actually open and which is not unless I see the tooltip on the button.
Here is my suggestion :
1.Make it a toggle button (So if user by mistake clicks some button he can toggle off from that point itself , instead of going to the editor/panel and then click on the close button)
2.Change the color/texture of the button based on its Show/Hide State.

1- I agree, this has been discussed on GitHub, specifically in the PR about shortcuts.
2- need to see how it’s done in others software, and was are the recommendation of material UI.

Is someone already working on it ?
If not , I can work on it.
1.I will change buttons to toggle.
2.For the change in texture or color in buttons depending upon their state,
I will show some examples in the PR so you can decide which you want in GD.
I have worked with Material UI before so I knew how to handle it.
What is your opinion on this ?


You are free to start if no one have already made a PR on Github :wink: (no body has made a PR until now)
For the button i’ve seen in most of software the background of the button turn darker, but it can works only if the icon don’t fill the button.
The icons have a transparent background in general, this is not our situation for all the buttons unfortunately.

Let’s continue this discussion on github when your PR will be open up, and let’s see what you wil found with Material-UI