In A List

Is there a way to detect if a value or string is in a list?

What do you mean with a list… a structure?
Can you provide an example?, not a .gdg file, just a situation to know what do you want to do, sorry :slight_smile:

You know if you do something like “Variable()[listitem"1”]" it temporarily turns the variable into a list? I want to know if a certain item is part of that variable list.

For example, I have a “bridge” and a “spoon” in a list and I want an event to register true if the bridge is in the list.

OK, if you don’t need to iterate through this list (you just want to save the items and check if exist) you can store them as childs:

Items Bridge 0 Spoon 0
Then you can check if the child exists, there is a condition to do it:

Conditions: The child "Bridge" exists in "Items" Actions: Change scene to "EastLands"
As Bridge and Spoon are variables, you can add childs to them, storing a lot of info:

Items Bridge Count 1 Weight 50 Spoon Count 3 Weight 2 Damage 1

:bulb: You can use the new item extension too, it makes working with item lists a lot easier :wink: