In-App Purchase: loaded, owned e refund events

I have a question about In-App Purchase:

In the “Update a variable when an item is update” action, there are some events that I don’t understand:

When and how should they be used?

Thank you very much!

Not 100% sure but on the top of my mind i think that loaded means the price tag has been found and downloaded, owned means the money has been transferred to you and the item is now fully owned by the player, canceled means the user started the buying process but while on the google play store buying menu chose to cancel, and refunded when the player asked Google play for a refund after you had already delivered the item.

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Hello and thanks for the reply.

In-App Purchase is really a useful extension and made GDevelop even better.

Now I understand more how it works.

But how do you use the Refunded command? The user asks Google to receive their money. In-App Purchase looks at the event and updates a variable.

At that point I can simply restore the initial situation and the user can buy the service again if he wants. It’s correct?

I think so, yes. ‎‎‎‎‎

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