In quite a pickle

So, Hello everyone.

I am here because I had a huge failed project from Godot. Actually, I take that back, my friend and I actually built the game. It turned out just as we imagined. What we didn’t imagine is that the export process would be a huge nightmare that it is. I cannot upload my APK to Google Play no matter what I correct.

On top of that, I have to correct everything in Android Studio (I don’t Code) so that is an issue for me. However, when my APK was rejected because the target SDK was too low, I corrected that in Android Studio, The same for the Native Code and NDK not being 64 bit, Fixed that too. Every day, there is a new error. This final one involved the signature.

Enough about Godot, I want to know if it is possible for me, to reproduce my game here in Gdevelop, I see no match-3 tutorials. This is my game: Fair Game live game-play - YouTube

I hate to see 6 months of effort down the drain, but I do not know what else to do? How hard would it be to visually code this here in Gdevelop? How smooth is the export process here? Can I use Google Ad Mobs here as well? I think If I can set up the very first scene, it would be easy to copy and paste the others, but I am going to need help. So please,


What i can say you is GDevelop is power enough to make what you say.
I don’t know Godot but i have some expérience with Game Maker (v6.1 and 7), Multimedia Fusion 2 and now with GDevelop.
I am going to see your game and to precise after my thinkings

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That’s good to know. Have you published? How hard has it been?

Good news! I can say you can easily make the sames things and more that with GDevelop.
I have made 2 games with GDevelop; all for APK mobile and all them are fast. But at this time, none have been yet published on Google Play and consorts.
One advice with GD: it is preferable to optimize during conception of the game than after.

Yes, I agree. I think I might give it a try. After all, what more do I have to lose? lol

unfortunately there isn’t a match-3 example or tutorial right now for GDevelop.
if you are a programmer (and know JavaScript) you can do anything with (or without :grin: ) GDevelop. but I have to say if you aren’t a programmer you can’t recreate your game now using Gdevelop.

by the way:

  • visual coding here in GDevelop is awesome. you should learn its rules, but easy and powerful. “coding” is easily understandable with it for non programmers!
  • you have several choices to export (with or without compile), I’m sure you’ll find the one that suits your needs.
  • there is a built-in solution to use ADs in your game. (i haven’t experience wit it)
  • there are many helpful people here.

Yeesh! Well, I am not a coder, I don’t count HTML & CSS as “Real” code (cause that’s what I do LOL) So I am definitely going to have to team up with someone here that codes, to help me after I set up each scene, to make them functional. This is going to be a challenge but I am willing to give Gdevelop a try!!

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I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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Setting up event sheets in GDevelop is SUPER EASY, you’ll find difficulties as you’re learning but you’ll almost never hit a “roadblock”.

Make sure to explore the wiki GDevelop 5 [GDevelop wiki] and watch some tuts/download some examples.

If you’re having a problem that you can’t figure out on your own, just make a thread in the How Do I ? category, and almost certainly somebody will jump to the rescue.

Judging by the video, unless the game has some sort of multiplayer functionality, you shouldn’t have a problem remaking it with GDevelop.

P.S.: Please change the colors of the “next level” title letters, I just cried a little blood, I hadn’t seen such a fury of colors in my life (o:

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Hi, No, there isn’t a multiplayer but there is score/save set up in a few places. For the stars earned, for the shields earned, overall coins earned, and current score. I think that would be my biggest issue. recreating that setup and linking it all back to my UI. Hey, by the way…how are the particle system fx?

And thanks, I will start watching Gdevelop tutorials all day today!!

Particle system isn’t as powerful as Godot’s, but unless you want to use something fancy like orbiting particles, you should be alright.

And GDevelop gets new features often (dynamic 2D lighting was added what, at the start of this week?) so there’s a definite possibility that the particle system will be upgraded at some point.

I haven’t learned about saving stuff yet, but AFAIK yes, you can make a savegame; and I think you can make some remote things like scoreboards and such.

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Ok, I am excited. I will figure it out, and if not…I HAVE YOU ALL. lol :slight_smile:


That’s the spirit! :smile:

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Hello All! Made some progress since we last spoke. I rebuilt my first scene using Gdevelop. Yes, the drag and drop features are great! Now come the function questions. Where do I begin with the swap? I made a boundary grid behind the tiles just to keep them in that area, but is there a snap feature I should be using instead? I really think scoring will be hard for me because there is so much on the screen. As tiles are matched, the goal number goes down, the number of turns go down, coins are added, then …the turn/health bar has 3 turns. If the goal isn’t met, a turn is lost of course. So, so, so very much in this little scene. How should I set up the swap feature? "If touch is pressed " should I be using direction or position?