In turn based rpg, enemy only does its turn when I have another text thing running

the title is self explanatory, when I do my turn, the enemy only does its turn when the text box for the menu is open. I got it on camera here:
Going into menu after I did my turn

Not going into menu after my turn (enemies text doesn’t start)

I dont really know whats causing this so im just going to screenshot everything

Hey, I didn’t exactly understand your problem but that doesn’t seem like an error, It’s more like about your coding arrangment.

I can’t see anywhere in the events where ItemUsed is set to true. Where does that happen? Otherwise I suspect The enemy won’t do what’s expected

Also, if you screen snip the events, can you have a slight overlap (one or 2 lines of an event) between each snip? And have them in order? It’s hard to make out your events from the screen snips, and some appear to be snippets of others. Something like :


The dialogue for the Enemies attack is only starting when I start the dialogue for the menu opening. (in return
making opening the menu the only way to make the enemy do its turn)

I’m unsure how to implement this, could you give an example? (ill give you my game files if needed)

Sorry for the confusion!

All these screenshots show in order, top to bottom

Also, “UsedItem” Is used

And here’s the game
(The scene is Battle_Scene1, you can play it for yourself to know what I mean)

Never mind, Solved it on my own