inactivate automatic error

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I have a problem with the automatic platform, run the following code:

“Activar el automatismo Plataform de tronco1 : no”

, preview the game crashes and the following error:

Uncaught Error: [object Object] was not in the HSHG. hshg.js:180HSHG.removeObject hshg.js:180gdjs.PlatformObjectsManager.removePlatform platformruntimeautomatism.js:38gdjs.PlatformRuntimeAutomatism.onDeActivate platformruntimeautomatism.js:213gdjs.RuntimeAutomatism.activate runtimeautomatism.js:74gdjs.RuntimeObject.activateAutomatism runtimeobject.js:789gdjs.Nivel1Code.func code4.js:1152gdjs.RuntimeScene.renderAndStep runtimescene.js:199gameLoop runtimegame.js:700

Thank you very much,

Deputy image error

Could you send me the .gdg file of the project triggering the error? :slight_smile:

I know nothing about this and I’m guessing on 4ian or victor can help you. But could you provide more info? Like your OS, version of GD you’re using.

attached to the test set error. My O.S is Windows and my version of GD is the 3.4.73

Also when I try to delete the object “Tronco1”, The object “Player” is damaged (52 KB)

Good afternoon,

is there any solution?

Please don’t bump the threads unless weeks upon weeks has passed. This forum is somewhat slow-paced and usually answer comes in a week or two. I can’t download project so I can’t help you (well, actually I can download but archive is corrupt, so you know). Will try later as my connection isn’t stable lately, probably ethernet cable is worn.

I made a new HTML5 project, and deactivate the Plaform Automatism gives me the error (Firefox):

Error: [object Object] was not in the HSHG.                        hshg.js:180

So maybe it’s a bug :S

Indeed, it’s maybe a bug. I’m investigating, for now, be sure to always deactivate an automatism only if the automatism have been used before. :slight_smile:

The error reported by the previous user is the same as I have, the Automatism Platform is active and try to disable GameDevelop show the error.

The file submitted is not damaged, in addition to the above error, when trying to delete the object: “Tronco”, The object : “Jugador” loses gravity, all this is in the files sent.

Thank you very much for your help, that I have to release this game in 1 week

Please consider using unified GD splash for your game to promote Game Develop. It is by no means mandatory, but it would be a nice gesture especially if your game will become popular.