InAppPurchase: unsupported version of Billing Library

Hey everyone, kinda new here to the community, so sorry in advance if this isn’t the place/way to ask for help.

When i upload my game to play store i get this message

" By Aug 31, 2024 , all new apps and updates to existing apps must use Billing Library version 6 or newer. If you need more time to update your app, you will be able to request an extension until Nov 1, 2024."

I have used the Mobile In-App Purchase version 0.0.5, how can i update to Billing Library version 6 or newer?

Thanks in advance for any help


I have the same issue😰

You can update it yourself if you know some coding (javascript) probably by editing some code in the iap extension, otherwise i would say you just have to wait for someone to update it. Which i think won’t be long since IAP is a pretty important feature

Also got the message today :slightly_frowning_face: