Include 3rd-party JS library

I’m interested to know if I can use something like in GDevelop to enable pinch/zoom and panning in my game (without trying to code them myself).

Does anyone have experience/examples of including 3rd-party JS libraries in GDevelop?

Currently the only way to do it if you edit index.html and the JS code GD is generating after export to HTML5 which also means it is not going to work in preview and with the online build service.
Or you can dig in to the source of GD to add it but if you want to share it, need to convince 4ian to include it.

You may want to consider to vote on this feature on trello: … n-the-game

Considering I want to test touch functionality, how do I then test on my phone (Android)? I export to HTML5, make the addition of the JS library, but then how do I get it to Android APK?

You need to build the APK your self using Cordova CLI or a 3rd party online build service like PhoneGap.
This is why my feature request on trello would be very useful since it would work also with the GD build service.

What you could also do for testing purposes is upload the HTML5 export to an online hosting like and open it on your touch device using the Chrome browser. Since the android APK is basically the Chromium browser with your HTML5 game inside, you should get the same result as with the APK.

Thanks for the tips! I’ll have a play with it and report back with any further questions :slight_smile: