Include a large list of words with a project

I understand how to load text files and how storage works in Gdevelop on my computer. I don’t understand how to use them on anyone’s computer. I’m planning on making a word find type game (example project). I understand everything but how to include a large delimited word list.

If I have a list of words in a text file. How do I include the file and then how do I access it? I get all of the filesystem paths but how would I put the file there?

The same with storage. I know how to save and load but is there a way to include the saved data and package it with the game?

The only answer I can think of would be to use the variable screen to add a variable(s) with one large string. That doesn’t seem to be ideal. Although, breaking it down into smaller pieces like a-e … would make searching quicker.

Am I missing something obvious?

I think I found the solution but I’m still interested in opinions on if this is the best way.

The “JSON Resource loading” extension seems to do the trick. Save a variable as a JSON file to create the file. And then use the extension to reload it later. This seems to add the JSON file to the resources and I’m assuming to the final game package.