Increase speed constantly

So I am trying to create chrome dino.So I want to
Increase the speed of the ground moving and sky moving and also the score increasing faster as time goes infinetly.I have tried a timer but I don’t know how to increase its speed.Also for timescale it cannot increase speed infinetly.I just want to know what should I do

For precision:
Condition:at the begining of scene action:start a timer"every"
New event :action:change text of “score” to scene timer “every”

You are adding force of 250
Instead add 250+Variable(SpeedBonus)

Now run timer and each IDK 10 seconds or 5? or idk 2?
Depending how smooth you want it to be
Add 1 or 0.5 or 0.2 to Variable(SpeedBoost)
And reset timer
And that would be pretty much it

BTW you do the same to your score or whatever

thanks for the platform .But how to increase the speed of the timer ?

Actually you can’t
But what you can do is check if timer is higher than variable TimeReset

You add condition to set variable TimeReset to for example 4

Now you check if timer is higher than variable TimeReset
When it is you add your force and crap
And also subtract 0.1 from TimeReset variable
This way it will go from 4 to 3.9 then 3.8 then 3.7 and so go on

Actually you could set it to 2 and subtract 0.01
Values will determine how smooth it will go

And since you are subtracting from that variable this reset will happen more often each time it resets
Yet you would like to add some condition like
Variable TimeReset is greater than idk lets say 0.4
So you don’t end up in something absurd

Please write in a beginner language . Inam a beginner and trying to learn by making this game .

Human language as you wish

1 - at beginning of the scene we set 2 variables to something and we start timer
2 - variable TimeReset to 4 and ForceApplied to 100 while we name our timer Timer (Yeah im that original)
3 - we are constantly applying INSTANT force (NOT PERMANENT) to something so it is moving
BUT instead of declaring force we put there Variable(ForceApplied)
So anything that variable value is will be applied
4 - We check if timer called Timer is greater than value of variable TimeReset and if it is we reset it
5 - In two separate sub events we check
IN FIRST is variable of TImeReset is higher than 1 and if it is we subtract from that variable 0.05 so after 1st reset this variable will be 3.95
After 2nd it will be 3.90 then 3.85 and so go on
But it will stop subtracting before it reaches 1

IN SECOND we check if variable ForceApplied is below 500
And if it is we add to this variable 12 each reset
So since it starts at 100 then after 1st reset it is 112 after 2nd it is 124 after third it is 168 and so go on

We are using two sub events because we want to check if timer reached value of variable TimeReset
BUT we do not want reset to happen only if we check two other variables
That is why they are sub events

Variables in 1st event (at beginning of the scene) will determine
For TimeRest how often from start it will happen
For ForceApplied how fast it will be going from the start

Where in last two sub events (I mean in actions not conditions Actions are on the right)
TimeRest determines how often often next reset will happen so when will more force be added
ForceApplied how much more force will be added

While in conditions you have limit to how low/high these variables can go
Before new values will stop be added/subtracted

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