Individual Pathfinding Costs

In my project, I have an object(Unit 1) that will pathfind around a certain object. However, I want it so that a different object(Unit2) will ignore the cost and pathfind over it instead. Is there a way to do this?
New Piskel (6)

I wish you could setup separate Pathfinders like the layers in physics. The only idea I have is before you move your object you disable/enable the obstacle behavior on all or just select obstacle objects. You could disable all obstacles or use variable(s) on the obstacle objects and selectivly enable/disable based on either the obstacle type or the object that’s moving. Just remember to set the state before each object type.

Once a pathfinder object is set to move, it creates a path. It doesn’t check if the obstacles have changed.


Ah, ok. I’ll use that method.

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