Inertia and Air Resistance


I’m trying to make a game similar to burnedsky (super vague little game now all but disappeared off the internet), and I can’t quite figure out the physics behind it.

So basically there’s a space ship going around (top-down) and the arrow keys control the ship. Up arrow adds thrust, while the Left/Right controls the direction. So I assigned the Up arrow to Add Force, and the Left/Right keys to Change Angle. It works well, and everything goes as expected. However, when I stop pressing the Up key, the ship stops moving, where as it should continue moving with some air resistance slowing it down.

I added Physics behaviour to the object, but then the ship just stops moving, and doesn’t move forward. It does change angle, but add force does nothing. I reduced all value hoping that maybe it’ll move but nothing happened.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong? Thank you!

The deceleration in up and down motion is similar to this effect. You can lower the value of this parameter
That might work
The operation in the physical engine should be under the condition of the physical engine rather than simply using force

Okay I see. So just to confirm, I should add an Event that adds a smaller negative Add Force till the speed is 0 yes? I don’t even need the Physics Behaviour for this?

Yes, at least you don’t need a physical engine for your problem

Understood, thank you for your help!!

So that’s air resistance sorted but there is any way to get inertia?

Okay I figured out a solution!

Let me know what you think, or if there’s another way to go about it!