Infinite coin from sky to floor

The character will catch the coins falling from the sky.
The speed, size and shape of the coins will be varied.
The countdown will continue until it ends.
In short, I want to make objects that fall from the sky at certain time intervals.
I’m currently trying to make my second game with gdevelop.
I apologize for my inexperience.
Also, my first game is called Risky Jump. i published on itchio.
still im beginner.
please help me. for new game.

Add the physics 2 behaviour to the coins, and make sure they’re dynamic (it’s a setting in the behaviour). This will cause gravity to make them fall down the screen.

If you want the coins to fall from a random horizontal position, then create them at the random x position along the top of the screen :

All of these should be done in the same event, but after, the action that creates the coin :

  1. For size, add the action to change the coin’s scale to be a RandomInRange(0.5, 2). This will create a coin with a size that’s anything from 1/2 size to double size:

  2. For speed, change the coin’s gravity scale to a random one from 0.1 of gravity to full gravity :

  3. For shape, add different coin shapes as new animations to the coin, and choose one at random :


Use a scene timer :

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thank you so much. i think this game will be nice.

i think good now what do you think?

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That’s pretty neat. I like the parallax scrolling, and how the snowflakes break up when they are collected.

One suggestion - uncollected snowflakes will keep falling down until the scene is changed or closed. I’d suggest you delete them once they hit the ground.

But otherwise, a very nice looking and playable little game :smiley:

yeah you are right. still working on it. and i will add a timer for game can finish, and add different snowflakes.