Infinite enemies attack players?

The player is on the far left (he can’t move, only attack) and the opponents are supposed to spawn from the right (infinitely until the player dies) and run to the player and attack him. How does that work? Can you send me a screenshot please?

This is probably going to be a bit overwhelming at first but the key part is the spawning enemies at the camerborderright action. The +150 means they spawn 150 pixels off the screen so you don’t see them spawn. The Camera border top and bottom makes it so they will spawn randomly in that range.

Let me know if that gets you set right.

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didn’t work :confused:
are there other methods? I’ve also looked on YouTube but nothing is what I need

You could try having 4 or 5 spawn points off the right of the screen. Make an object variable and put their individual number in. Have an event that has enemies spawn at a random spawn point every time a timer reaches x time.

Usually there are multiple approaches to any desired effect so if these methods don’t work, come up with your own.

Good luck!

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