Infinite Midair Jumps (Solved)

Hello everybody. I have just a small question today. There is this item that grants flight in my game, but I want it to be controlled by just infinite jumps. I tried to do this, but failed.

How do I do infinite midair jumps?

Thanks in advance.

u mean double jumps?
like Genji in OW and scout in TF2?

(Sorry for the late reply)

Yeah, kinda? Except the double jump has INFINITELY more jumps.
Is it possible to make infinite midair jumps?

Is this even possible in GDevelop, or no?

Bump again so it stays relevant. Can somebody please help me? It’s been six days now… :disappointed:

i guess you can is like wall jumps

No, it is like jumping in midair forever. Like a double jump, except it’s more of an infinity jump.

u may need to make a state machine?
but there are quite more details u need to notice

Like what? How do I set up the state machine?

What happens if you make a condition that checks if the space key is pressed with an action of ‘simulate a jump’?

Already tried that. That condition checks if the button is pressed, and if jump is simulated.

Interesting. I’ll try making a demo scene and see if I can get it working as an example.

I made a video walkthrough of a demo scene I created. The scene files are in the description if you want to download and try them out yourself. Hope this helps! Infinite Jumping | GDevelop 5 Tutorial - YouTube


I’ve added this video on Wiki page for video :slight_smile:

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Very sorry for the late reply, but it works! Thanks!