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Hello everyone, I have difficulty creating an android game where you can edit text and save it in memory, using a smartphone keyboard. I get confused with text variables and the enter text object. Thanks to anyone who can help me out!

The Text entry object does nothing but enable your game to capture and store keyboard input while the game window is in focus.
To emulate a Text box and display the text the player enter, you need to use a regular text object to display the value captured by the Text entry object.
You can get the value captures by the text entry object using the expression ObjectName.String() where “ObjectName” is the name of The text entry object. Use this expression to change the text of the text object and display the value captured.

Multiple examples are included with GDevelop, a simple one is called Text entry object:

Hope it helps :+1:

hello, first of all thanks for the reply. another question: how to implement mobile keyboard for smartphone? every time i try it on my android i can’t see it

The example I have linked, also include a mobile version on a different scene.
You need to use the Mobile virtual keyboard extension. The extension however does not work on all mobiles. If it does not work for you, maybe ask the author of the extension.

Ok thank you so much!

If the example does not work on your mobile, you can post the following information:

  1. name and version of the operating system you are developing on
  2. version of GDevelop you are using
  3. make and model of your mobile
  4. name and version of the operating system running on your mobile

And then I’m asking @arthuro555 if the examples team could verify if the example is still working and if it does, could the extension team look in to this compatibility problem between the device and the extension maybe? Even if can not be solved, list of compatible devices would be nice I guess.

If i recall correctly, the mobile keyboard extension was abandonned because of unfixable bugs on mobile, you’d have to ask @Bouh for details

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