Initial fly Animation

I have created a logic for my character to have a superhero “Fly\Walk” automatism . It’s working perfectly fine. It just got one main problem and one minor. the Main problem is I want to create a logic for this character so that it will Play a initial fly animation, in the beginning, when switched into fly mode , in other words when this character is leaving the ground, it should do a specific animation just for that time. So it feels like he has left the ground and is flying now (there is Fly idle animation too…). second when he is flying (in motion) he takes some time to stop, very little but he does(even if this problem has no solution, I am ok with it). one more problem (That I have forgot) is that when switching from flying mode to walking mode, he jumps for no reason. Annoying…! Take a look at attachment Please!

Hard to debug from here, but I have an idea of what may be going wrong:
When yu press K+W, the event 7 makes the variable DragonmanFly = 1, then the event 12 never is True, and the animation of InitialFly is not played.
Try deleting the event 7, and set DragonmanFly = 1 in the event 14 (after set InitialFly = 0), and deactivate the Platform automatism in the event 12 (instead doing it in the event 10), but I’m not sure. Really it’s a bit hard to make it to work just by looking the picture, or explain it. If you share the project we could help you a bit more, event get it to work :neutral_face:

Should I attach the assets too?
Dragonman Native.gdg (311 KB)

These are the assets. Put the Gdevelop file in this folder and it should load every thing. (305 KB)