Input conditions


On this page:
On this image:

In the conditions section you can see the following:
“Touch or Left mouse button is down”

Is this condition(input) still available? or I should use another input condition?


Yes, and the tutorial tells you how to add it within the previous page:

Make sure to follow the text steps listed in that page and you should be able to complete what you’re looking for. In general the screenshots are just there to show you what it looks like after you follow the respective step, and you should not be following the screenshots only.

I couldn’t find anything!

Instead of “Touch or Left mouse button is down”, what command should I use?
Can you please let me know?

I’m not sure I understand. There is no “Instead of”. It is the same command. It still exists.

As shown in the page I linked, this section exactly matches what is in the engine.

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I understood what you say. Thanks, a lot.