Inputfeld Object

Since we have Firebase Authentication and P2P, text fields are very important.
The existing text-entry object is very rudimentary, not nice to use and insufficient.

Min and max lengths are difficult, or crash when pressing a character and Backspace at the same time.
A blinking curser is not possible because letters are of different widths. It is not possible to delete more than one letter at the same time, with hold the backspace key. Marking and overwriting is also not possible, of course,not even copy and paste. It is not possible to navigate with the arrows or the mouse in the entered text.
Maybe we can also have stylable border and background color for the field, “required”, type:password, etc.
I know a few things of this can maybe be done in an inferior way with many events. But I think that’s not the goal of GD. That’s why I wish solid, real Input fields that work similarly to those on every website. Maybe not everything is possible for every platform, but i think that’s not terrible.
Okay, maybe a dev is interested or can share it on Trello or Github.


I agree with you, i hope see an text feild and other (checkbox,radio button, button), this can be done in an user extension actually, even if it better to do it in the engine himself, this allow to create new types of objects.

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