Insert element at index method

so, i think it would be a great idea if you added a method that lets you insert a string, number, bool, etc, at a specific index of an array. would be useful for inventories, high score lists, stuff like that. i know i would use it a ton! i’m making an inventory system for my game, and that would make my entire life better if gdevelop had that method. please consider adding this to the engine.
thank you in advance!

Have you looked at using the Array Tools extension - it appears to be able to do what you’re after :

i have, but it doesn’t work! it can’t detect the arrays. like, i’ll type the name of the array, and it won’t work. i even typed GlobalVariable(inventory) and it didn’t work.

Looking at the description. It only works on the root scene variables and it sounds like you’re trying to edit a global variable.

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makes sense
dang it