Instagram follow reward

hello there. i want to add my instagram page on my app and if users follow my instagram account they will be rewarded on the game. is this possible with gdevelop?

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Yes it’s possible but the only problem is that there is no way to truly know that they have followed you. I have seen this in some apps, once you click on the follow button in the app it loads up their Instagram page without any activity taking place to know if the user has followed so once the page is closed (without following) the user gets his reward. Presently I think this is the only way you can do this.


o ok thats fine too. do you have any video or tutorial about this?

I don’t presently, but that could be done easily using the url action and also a timer.
All you have to do is load the page once someone clicks on the button. Also you need a scene variable

Left mouse button released
Cursor or touch is on button

Open url
Do 1 to scene variable IG

Scene variable IG is = 1
Scene timer is greater than 5 seconds

(give your rewards here)
eg do 100 to scene variable score

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thank you im doing it <3

Sorry to bumping this very old post, but I am curious to know can we also do this with OGinstagram a modified version of Instagram?