Integrate amazon ads api

Please integrate amazon ads api for showing ads on apps uploaded to amazon appstore.

Admob is not compatible?

No, it does not confirms ad code applied to apps on amazon app store.

I’m not sure we understood each other.
I’m not asking if you can use Amazon ads with the Admob functions, I’m asking if Admob ads work on apps uploaded on the Amazon appstore.
I think they should work, and if they don’t, I would report it as a potential bug.

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No, it (ad mob) does not confirms ad code(provided by admob) applied to apps on amazon app store.

Admob analytics simply show not activated. Every thing 0 0 0, and no ad on app.

Note- I choose “apply amazon drm” while upload. (recommended option)

It seems that the device needs to have Google services installed for Admob to work.
From this page, it looks like you can add them manually to your apk.
Good luck.

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Thank you for helping me find that information.

But I do not know programming. And I will wait until a very easy solution.
(my mistake- by code I mean app id and admob ad id).