interactive parenting

parenting should be more robust and interactive, we should be able to parent objects from the scene editor, and it should keep the offset of the distance from where the child object is to it’s parent, in the scene editor.

Never had parenting function in GDevelop, it don’t see what your are talking about.

We are talking about CG, and you don’t know what Parenting means. This is one of the most famous terms in CG industry. This software has an action “put an object around an other”. That is Parenting!

I know what parenting means, it’s just that I don’t know where there are a parenting action/feature in GDevelop…

“Put an object around another” is not parenting, it’s just a positioning action, as could be “Put an object in the midway of another two”, or locate the object in specific X;Y coordinates. Far away parenting is about a parent and a child, a transformation tree, and sharing properties, as you know :slight_smile:
GD doesn’t has any feature related to parenting, but this was a feature request some time ago, I think…

O ya I remember, Parenting is totally a different thing. But wouldn’t it be great to have such a feature?