Internet verification and extensions

I am a teacher using GDevelop with an online student. My student is unable to add extensions like the smooth camera to his game.

When he tries to do this he gets the message “Can’t load the extension registry. Verify your internet connection or try again later”

Does anyone know how he can verify his internet connection?

And a secondary question - if I purchased a teacher account and could access his project, would I be able to add the extensions for him?

He can go to the start menu. Type in CMD and hit enter.

That will take him into the command prompt.

From there, he can type in “ping”

That will send a ping to that IP address ( is google’s DNS server, so it’s guaranteed to be up)

He will either get a response that says something like;
“Reply from bytes=32 time=27ms TTL=116”

Which means he has a good connection.

Or it will say;
“Request timed out.”

Which means he doesn’t have a connection.

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He definitely has an internet connection because it is happening during an online lesson with me while we are using Zoom and other online tools.

It’s more that GDevelop is saying that his connection isn’t verified when he tries to add an extension. All the other GDevelop features work fine.

Just to clarify, that error message is saying “verify your connection is okay” not “complete internet verification”

Can anyone else in the class get extensions?

Also, a farfetched suggestion may be that they are using an older operating system.
I had a Windows 7 install that was so old it couldn’t update and had trouble with installing programs.

I believe that should be possible yes.

This error is likely caused by his internet configuration blocking the domain name. They should check that their firewall/proxy/parental controls/adblocker/vpn/network administrator/etc whitelisted at least these domains:

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Thank you so much for all your suggestions to help my student.
He has his lessons at school while I Zoom in remotely and it turned out that even though GDevelop was unblocked on the school server, the subdomains were still blocked.

So unblocking those sites (as recommended by arthuro555) solved the issue.

Thanks again!