Introducing array parameters, a friend of data management

Feature request about extensions:

Allow the users to be able to add child parameters to a new parameter type called “Array parameter”.

The process is very similar to the event called “for every child in a structure or array variable”

It would work like this:

  1. The extension creator will be able to insert a new parameter called “Array parameter” on the condition/action (never on expressions), and they will be able to add their own childs into that parameter.

  2. The final user (not the extension creator) will be able to add, remove and order their created childs of the “Array parameter”, but never able to delete the ones that the extension creator made.

3.1 The extension creator will be able to use a event called “for each child of the array parameter”.

3.2 When added to the eventsheet, it would look like something like this:

“For every child in parameter parameter name, store the child in variable child and do:”

The reasons I’m suggesting this:

• By enabling users to iterate through child parameters with a “for each child” event, it streamlines the logic and eliminates the need for multiple separate events to handle individual elements.

• Allowing users to add, remove, and order their own child parameters within the array parameter gives them more control and a familiar way to manage data. Complex game mechanics, AI behaviors, or inventory systems could greatly benefit from this feature by allowing a hierarchical organization of data.