Invalid Image Error

When i try to use tiled sprites (32x32) this error comes up. The images I’m trying to use are either jpeg or png. Is there a special format that the images need to be in? I tried searching the forums and found nothing :confused: :frowning:

Thanks for the insight in advance!

When you were selecting your image did you use the extension?
You have to write Image.png
Or whatever extension the image is.

Or maybe those images are not in the folder anymore where you upload them to GDevelop? Or their name is changed in the folder?

what do you mean by “use the extension?”
I right click my image bank and import the pictures
Is there another way to add pictures? besides clicking the plus button

no the images are all in the same folder and the folder name did not change

When I click to preview, nothing shows up

Images name in the folder, I meant :slight_smile: You have not change those images name after you upload them in the GDevelop?

I always use the tiling sprites by typing there name and extension into the text box.
It won’t work for me if I don’t type .png at the end though.
If it’s a jpg though you’ll have to type .jpg at the end of the name.

Nope, everything is the same name :cry:

That worked for me thanks!!! :smiley: