Inventory how count all items?

Please help.
How to Count all items in inventory …
I found only Count for One item Inventory::Count(“PlayerInventory”, “Gold”))


You could use that expression multiple times for each item, and just add them up.

Inventory::Count(“PlayerInventory”, “Gold”) + 
Inventory::Count(“PlayerInventory”, “Silver”) +

As far as I’m aware, there is no way of counting all objects in an inventory at once or with a single expression. I’m not really an inventory expert (I’ve used it very little), perhaps someone on the forum can provide a better answer?

Hi one thing that I do is to create a scene variable total_inv_items so when I collect or buy an item add 1 to that variable, when use an item remve 1 from that var, later just check total_inv_items

I want to set a limit of 3 types of items in the inventory. that means if he wants to take 4 kinds it will not be possible. But I don’t know how to find out the current number of species in the inventory.
I want count All types items in inventory.

if that is the case when you create the items set the limit

This is limit for sword. But I need limit for All inventory Max 3 items example ore, wood, Stone.

There is no shortcut for this you need to do the same for each item in your inventory look the insame paranoid I have to do in my game