Inventory system like tarkov

Any suggestions to make an inventory like this?

How is everything on the right arranged? Do the objects have preset location or is it just like a tray where you drag and drop objects where you please? Can you rearrange items? Do you click from ground to inventory or click and drag? What about the vertical menu to the far right? Is that a filter or different inventories?

To ask all your questions: yes
The inventory is drag and drop on the grid you see, to give you a better visual explanation you should see the inventory system of Resident evil 4, it’s literally the same

That seems like a puzzle game all by itself. I did a similar technique before but I don’t recall the particulars. Let me check my PC.

I think it was the classic pipe game. I believe the pipes used a mover object that snapped to the grid. The sprite was reused for whichever pipe was being dragged. Let me find my project and see if that’s what I was looking for.

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To manage the positioning of items, an effective approach is to use a matrix or multiple objects representing each slot. Even if an item occupies more than one slot, it is feasible to employ variables for each object, indicating whether the slot is empty or occupied. Additionally, an array can be used to store the items and their respective positions in each slot.


I found my project but what I did was prevent objects from overlapping. I don’t know if any of the logic would help you. The test object might. It’s sort of like separate objects. The trouble with separate objects using instances of the same object is it doesn’t always move the one you want to move.


I’m not really happy with the code. I’d like to rewrite the entire thing. But the principle was to move a test object and if it didn’t collide with anything then set a Boolean and move the selected object. Each object had its own ID. If I redo it might use linking instead. IDK.

Try me: It has numbers and other objects for testing.


Dont know about tarkov… but i just had fun playing the pipe game lol

You should really finish that!

…as for the inventory… you might wanna try making a basic and very simple inventory first, then build from there as you learn.

Making inventories is a whole thing, its not easy nor simple and theres lots of ways to go about it… so instead of asking about how to make the whole thing, try making a small inventory, and if you have trouble with a specific part of it, ask for help on that and then keep building while asking as you go along if needed.


Thank you all guys, now i figured out how to make the stuff properly

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