Inverted Gravity Bug?

Hello. I’m making a small puzzle/platformer project in which you can invert gravity with the push of a button, and then invert it back again to solve puzzles. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered a pretty bad problem.
Whenever I invert the player’s gravity, it turns upside down and falls up, just like I want. However, I realized that when the gravity is set to a negative value, even with the Trigger Once condition, the player keeps accelerating upwards until promptly clipping through the ceiling.
Is there any way to fix this? The character has the platformer behavior, which is mandatory for the project to be functional.
This is completely possible in Construct 2 and 3 with no problems at all, so I assume it can be done here as well. You know, how do I recreate the final result in this video in GDevelop?

Thanks in advance.

It doesn’t seem to like negative values indeed.
Mine stays on the ceiling (yours is too thin, perhaps), but the “is on the floor” boolean isn’t true. :confused:

What do you mean about “is on the floor?”
Also, my game is tile based. Each block is 32x32 and the character will eventually clip through, no matter how thick the ceiling is.
Either way, is it possible to get this to work like it does in Construct? Or is this not possible?

I mean that: image
Have you tried a very small value?

You mean changing the gravity to -1 or something?