Invisible mouse pointer messing up my game

I use event: de/activate moving mouse cursor with touch. Then when i use event condition: The cursor/touch on object the mouse pointer is remain still in last position when i touch the screen and triggering object below the pointer. Is there a way to get mouse pointer out of the way?

You’d probably need to show a screenshot of your events for people to be able to assist in more detail, but from a guess:

The “cursor/touch is on an object” condition is normally meant to be used in conjunction “Touch or
Left Mouse button is down” condition, this helps avoid the situation you’re describing.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: . Let me first try your suggestion and see if it fix the problem.

So, adding “Touch or Left Mouse button is down” condition doesn’t work. If i remember right, i had try it before and it really breaking my game. What i want to achieve is two finger independently doing their own tap or hold operation in their own designated area. But, when i add the condition, the other finger operation become interrupted.
Maybe for my case it will be perfect if i can differentiate “the cursor/touch on object” to only “the touch on object” condition without the “cursor”. Maybe the feature will come in the future? I think the only solution for me now is to make the player first to touch in some area that will not interrupt any object before continuing the game. Anyway thanks for the reply, really appreciate it.
Oh and if you are curious about the game i’ve been working on you can go to this link: it’s a game inspired by megaman battle network combat mechanic.

It sounds like you may need to use multitouch events, not touch/cursor events.

However, in order for someone to really help, you’ll need to post screenshots of your events.

ok here is the screenshot

i tried the multitouch events but it’s too complicated

this is what happened
i mean mouse cursor

If you want multitouch, you need to use the multitouch instructions, no way around it. :blush:
Read this image carefully until it’s all clear :slight_smile:

So, this make marker every time i touch the screen. Then, if i make another touch it will make another marker with different id. Then, i can just use the markers to trigger my event, is that correct?
Thanks for pointing this out, when i check again it has been in the examples option all this time -_-. Ok sorry my bad, the multitouch function is there for a reason and i am too lazy to lookup the example projects. Well tbh, it is a little bit annoying to see examples folder cluttering up my folder.
Anyway, thank you so much for the help!

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