iOS Project upload idea and New Feature Suggestion

  1. Can you add a iOS upload without command-line utility by making it into a .xcodeproj?

  2. Could you also add an event in the platformer behaviour where it’s “if (Object) is facing left”


  1. Check the “Horizontally flipped” condition.
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why not?
Are there any other ways to export to iOS without using command line?

Also it was a feature request not a “how?” post.

In the platformer engine there is no notion of left/right. You can instead check if your sprite is flipped or store the direction in a variable.

For the xcode project, for now the issue is that it’s not easy for us to get macOS powered servers that can be used to build the projects.
For now you have to keep using a manual solution using Cordova as explained on the wiki, but it’s a bit technical!

Edit: Arthuro555, you’re a moderator, you can’t just answer “no”, it’s rude. You’re the face of the community for newcomers, you must at least give a quick explanation or, if you’re tired of answering the same thing, a link to a wiki page where is written an explanation :slight_smile:

Ah. I really dislike command-line stuff but thanks for replying! Also, aren’t you like the founder of GDevelop? Cool!

Oh, I thought the issue was also that 100$ a year licenses are required?

I thought Cordova stopped supporting iOS?

Cordova fully supports iOS when using the command line.

Oh, I thought the issue was also that 100$ a year licenses are required?

Not really an issue, as a developer you would still be required to create an App Store Connect account (developer account) and attach to the game a certificate so that it can be signed.
Running macOS servers is harder though that what we do for the Android export - and the signing certificate and notarisation is also more complex so it’s harder to offer a good quality “one click export” to iOS unfortunately.