Is any way to change the pitch of a music? Program mistake

I thing there is also some problem with this, because when you choose a music, you can’t make it in a “normal event” you need something with “Trigger once” if not, it’ll be reproduced every second from the start, playing like 5 times the song one above the other in 5 seconds, making a sound problem, so, if you write a variable into the “pitch” data of the music selection, it won’t work, because the music has “Trigger once”, so it won’t check again what’s the value of the variable written in “pitch” even it’s changed… Anyone knows any solution? My solution is instead of change the value of the variable pitch, reproduce the music again in the same channel with diferent pitch, but then the song starts from the begining again :cry: Is any solution to change the pitch of a playing song without having to re-start the song again… :confused:

I see you can do it in window-linux platform… can it be made in html5-android?

If the action is hidden when editing an HTML5 games, it means it’s not possible or not implemented for this type of game.