'Is Dead' not showing up

Can anyone help me? When I am following the space shooter tutorial, it tells me to use an ‘is dead’ condition. However, I cannot find it anywhere using the health plugin. I am using Health by 4ian, since it is the only one. Can someone help me by finding an alternative or something?

This condition exists in the Health behavior, it is checked for the object to which you assigned the behavior:


The common way to keep track of health is to use either a scene variable for 1 object or object variable for multiple objects. Say you can set the initial value of the variable “At the beginning of the scene” to 100 and each time you cause a damage you can reduce the value by a certain amount, let say 10.
Then you can check the value of this variable. When the value of the variable is less or equal to (<=) 0 it means it “is dead”.

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