Is Firebase possible? and if...How?

is there a way to use Google Firebase? or activate?
I have literally no idea How To do it, even if its possible…If not would be a great future request to get more detail about the app, and for adMob.

wish you a great day and greetings:))

I am already making an extension for it since a few weeks :wink: See the progress here: Firebase Extension by arthuro555 · Pull Request #1694 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub
I also already have a beginning of documentation here: Firebase [GDevelop wiki] and a beta version here:
This is a portable build, it won’t override your GDevelop installation.


Ahh your work is awesome! I read The documentation…really awesome! My knowledge about firebase isnt that great…I’m new to it. I discovered it, because i want to see “UserInformations” at adMob for eg. how many User play the game. I made the “setting up Part” from your documentation. well after this and reading you doc, I noticed how much more you can do with with it^^! Even if i dont understand everthing^^

Hope it will be a official part of GDevelop soon!
are they any bugs from the beta version that have influence at “orther” parts of the game?

higly appreciating your work! also the work from guys, that work on GDevelop!

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Thanks, it means a lot to me that you say that :blush:.

I didn’t find any bug until now in that beta. I tested everything throughly except authentification (it has too many actions/expressions for me to test them all really throughly…). There may be bugs or crashes here and there, if you do find any, you can send me a message and I will fix it :smile:

The firebase is (finally) finished, now it only needs review from 4ian and it will get integrated to GDevelop :smile:


Hijacking thread :sweat_smile: what are the real world applications of using firebase in a Gdevelop game? What does it allow me to do?

On the top of my mind:

  • Authenticate users securely (uses same tech as Google auth)
  • Store data in an online real-time database allowing to make online saves, chats, marketplaces, multiplayer, and much more
  • Store and download media (storing is harder/near impossible without JavaScript sadly but download is possible) allowing for example to have some online changelogs and store the images online, so that you can display images for new updates without having them bundled in the exported game
  • Get analytics (see how many people play your game, what the clear rate of a level is to Change it’s difficulty accordingly, etc)
  • Personalize experience according to those analytics by telling firebase to modify remote variables according to analytics grouping (example: make monsterSpawnRate variable bigger when in a group where you killed more than 1000 monsters or have been playing more than 20 hours)

And probably more I forgot. This is something huge and can potentially be a game changer by adding the first real online features for games in GDevelop.

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hey :grin:
congrats to your work! and ofcourse Thank you!
also awesome that you are keeping us updated!
when it will become an “official” part of gdevelop? :heart_eyes::raised_hands:t5:
greetings :grin:

Maybe next version, maybe not. The extension itself is finished, it only needs 4ian to review it (Check for typo in actions and conditions, check if some thing can be made better, check for bugs etc). He said on the roadmap he would look at it this weekend. I don’t know much more.

The extension is finished but it can take a while for me to finish the documentation/example too.

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hey :smile: any updates ? :slight_smile:

I am mostly fixing actions/condition names (typos and grammar etc). The documentation still is very incomplete. I didn’t work much on it lately to prioritize smaller/faster contributions, like the peer to peer extension.


Ahh i understand :smirk:… Well "rome wasn’t built in a day":wink::joy:… When do you think, it will implement officially to gdevelop? :thinking:

Greetings :hugs:

Tbh I don’t really know. It depends on many things some of which are out of my control. I’ll try to finish it before Christmas.

I updated the “preview” build. It has some breaking changes (booleans return “true” or “false” instead of 1 or 2, a few actions have been renamed and that can break them in editor). Keep in mind that more such changes can happen as the feature is in development.

It would really help if some people still tried the extension out, that way bugs can be found and fixed :slight_smile:

I updated the preview build to be on beta 101.
Here is also the current version of the firebase example:

Using ubuntu linux 18 the beta101 it still isn’t recognizing the new extension.

Happy to test as a small contribution for this so you have more time to develop :slight_smile:

Sorry, I only built the extension for windows :confused:

hi, how can i get the extension?

Download one the GDevelop build with the extension in the second post :wink:

hey congratulation ! its finally there, thanks a lot! :hugs::tada::confetti_ball::balloon: