Is it good to use Gdevelop for making playable ads

Is it ok to use Gdevelop for making playable ads?
I create simple game but I can’t upload to google and unity ads because of the missing required format(for example add .HTML file to of root project or export all project in single index.html file).
Is there any document for creating Gdevelop games in unity and google ads format?
I search a lot about that but there is no good info about making playable ads with MRAID format(unity ads) and also google ads format.

No, GDevelop is not made and therefore not suited for making ads. It is not a priority and not planned to have any kind of support for making ads. If your provider allows using GDevelop games/full HTML apps, good for you, but we won’t be modifying the engine to adapt to the needs of your ads providers.

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