Is it ok to keep the game minumum fps at 60?

I have the minimum fps at 60 and the maximum fps at unlimited. Is that alright?

Before I had the minimum at 30 but lag would be visible so instead I moved it to 60 and it fixed the micro stutter, What do you think?
Thanks for the help as always…

Well I use 20, 0 but my games are very tiny and all the assets are pixel art compressed as he-ll, I guess if you use vectors 60,0 is ok

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Probably depends on your game. I do 60 minimum, 0 max, but a lot of my stuff uses TimeDelta for calculations and not just every frame/timers/etc.

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@UlisesFreitas @Silver-Streak thank you so much for helping out, I tried today on my laptop (it’s weaker than my pc) and on 60,0 it works much much better there, so that means more compatibility for weaker systems.

I’ll stay with 60,0 and I’ll also keep on testing and if I find that something bugged out or anything I’ll update here, I’m using TimeDelta with a lot of stuff so I don’t think there will any issues, I tested around 90% of the game for now and everything is perfect.

Well two years later, but this topic helped me a lot for my project! :slight_smile:
I had performance issues on several test-laptops too (but not on desktops) while playing via browser development link.

Clarifying Case:
I had 20FPS minimum and there was stuttering on lower systems, especially on laptops / notebooks, but now with:

Setting the minimum FPS to 60FPS helped a lot! Stuttering world-objects and shaking characters are not a problem anymore.

For or future seekers:

  • Setting to 60FPS min. had no impact on TimeDelta events like backgrounds (for me).
  • In addition: I had several particle objects (like snowflakes) too, decreasing the “maximum number of particles displayed” increased also the performance on lower systems.