Is it possible to do ragdoll effect in gdevelop ?

And if it is How is it done ?

It’s possible but it’s a mess, you have to use physics joints and it’s a pain because you have to set the joint points in function of the mass center, and for each body part :confused:

Lizard-13 just as i thought .
Alright so what if i want to make a chain .
Just a simple chain . How can i do it ? … in details if possible .
Do i have to like have 20 objects called chain 1 … chain 2 … chain 3 …and so on then do the work or what ? Cause if that’s the case then it will definitely be a real pain :mrgreen:

Also i know this could be too advanced to ask about right now but is it possible in gedevelop to make Gases … liquids . That kind of stuff . And if not how is it made in games “for example : Oxygen not included”
This game has some crazy advanced physics into it . From thermodaynamics . To just normal physics . To stuff like pressure . Water can break walls if there is like a big pool of water at the other side … what is fasinating about this game is that it’s just 2D … so just wanted to ask about that . Is it possible in any way in gdevelop “without coding of course” ?

Last question … is it possible to just make water … just the feel of it . By that i mean from graphics point of view … like the surface of the water and to just make it move kinda smooth and realistic . Stuff like that .

Thanks for answering these …

I’ve spent hours trying to use physics to create a “chain”, but as Lizard explained, it is… painful and the result was not that good…

But at last, i was inspired by this “snake” example :, only using force and position. I think you could try directly from this example.

Yeah, first, as GD can’t create a joint between ObjectA and ObjectA you need at least two objects A and B, the chain would be like A-B-A-B-A-B (never joint A-A nor B-B), here is an exmaple: (12.8 KB)

It’s a bit bugged as you can see, because… because… I don’t know, maybe GD is missing an option for joint strength, or I’m doing something wrong.

Kink That snake example is working really great .

Lizard-13 the chain is moving as i would like but when i extend it too far … the bug happen … so maybe if you did a limit that you can pull it … this won’t happen i think … but then the problem will still exist if an object hit the chain (for example : The ball in the example) making it extend and this will make the bug occur … so yeah it needs some strength in between every part in case an object hit the chain . i think at least …

But thanks anyway .

My second question was is it possible in gedevelop to make Gases … liquids ?
Also how to make water in gdevelop (from graphics point of view) like the moving surface of the water . is it possible to animate that ?