Is it possible to do this?


please see this video:

just watch for several seconds

When ninja throw the enemy towards the screen.

Is it possible to do this with Gdevelop, if yes

how ?

Thank you

When the Player throws the Enemy, just have the Enemy sprite/animation grow to the desired size and then delete the object. You might have to fiddle with points a little bit, but it’s possible.

I’ve attached a small GIF to show how in my game when the final boss is defeated it similarly zooms toward the screen. This is triggered by a variable change. I’ve also included the code that makes it happen.


I recommend adding the “Tween” behavior to the sprite you want o “throw at the screen”.
You will probably want to apply three tweens:
1 - Tween Scale to 5.0 over 2000 ms called “Zoom” (delete object when finished)
2 - Tween Y Position up ScreenWindowHeight / 2 for 1000 ms called “Lift”
3 - When “Lift” is finished then Tween Y position down ScreenWindowHeight for 1000 ms

Play around with all that till it feels cool


thanks, i really appreciate your help :sunglasses: