Is it possible to have a Clipboard for Web? or simple Matchmaking?

Hi Everybody,

I was able to follow and implement p2p in one of games. It seems to be working fine which is exciting. However, the fact that the clipboard extension doesn’t work for mobile or web makes the p2p feature rather inconvenient to use. I was wondering if anybody knew a way of using clipboard for web? or if some brave soul managed to figure out how to create a simple way of matchmaking. From what i’ve read, it is my understanding that this is a whole other monster altogether, but because I’m not a developer I can’t really be sure. Is anybody doing this on their own? I’d love to pick their brain.


Matchmaking is not really possible via p2p.
For the clipboard you can try this version of the clipboard extension:

Hi arthuro,

Thank you so much for this. Unfortunately, I tried it out but it still doesn’t seem to work. Gdevelop doesn’t seem to recognize the readTextCrossPlatform action. I don’t know why that is.

Also, the Write function appears to work only half way by creating a hidden text in the browser but it doesn’t seem to copy it to the clipboard. This also seems to freeze the screen making things unclickable.

Do you have an example of where this extension works?

Again, I appreciate your help with this, thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hi Arthuro,
I tried many different things and with my limited knowledge it seems that the following commands are not working:


I say this because I do see that the input gets created along with the text as a value, and it is even selected. However, it doesn’t execute the copy and remove input. I tried different suggestions from here:
jquery - Using execCommand (Javascript) to copy hidden text to clipboard - Stack Overflow but I think I’m just throwing darts in the dark.

Still, I don’t think solving the above addresses why the readTextCrossplatform action is not recognized by the engine.

Anyway I’m leaving this here in case you or anybody else has a solution.


I forgot to test it on the web indeed lol. I’ll need to test it more throughly and work on it.

hi arthuro,
Just wondering if you had a chance to test the clipboard extension for web. And if not, is there some reference you can point me towards, so I can at least try to figure it out?