Is it possible to import DragonBones animations?

Sprites are gulbing up too much memory if u want to integrate more animations and i can’t seem to find an effective way to optimize it. DragonBones may solve the problem but importing animations looks like impossible. Is it really impossible? In roadmap it was mentioned, but nothing more :confused:

Nope, it’s not currently possible.

I use Spriter and have to export every frame of every animation to use it in GDevelop.

Well this should actually be possible. @Lizard-13 implemented this feature a while ago but GD5 still lacks the GUI dialogues to configure it. These should be available in GD4 but unfortunately there hasen’t been a release of GD4 after the extension has been implemented and I don’t know if @4ian plans a new release of GD4 at all.

Now how do you get this working?
You should still be able to compile GD4 on your own as described here:
Since GD5 already has the underlying functionality it “should” still work when you open the project in GD5 later when the GUI elements are available.
I haven’t tested this myself though.