Is it possible to make a game like Forager in Gdevelop with some random rogue-like mechanics

Hi, I’m new to Gdevelop
I want to make a 2D top-down survival sandbox game like Forager with some randomness and boss fight,
Personally I think It’s possible but what I concern the most is performance and loading of the game
can Gdevelop handle these mechanics: When start a game or create a new map the game will generate a fixed size map(I’m, not sure about the size of the map yet) with random elements or objects such as different trees and rocks variants put on random positions on the map and moreover when the player level up they can choose a power up of what new element will be added to the game (new animal, new ore, new tree or even a new crafting recipe etc.) and then the selected power up will be spawn in different locations on the map, is it possible to spawn those objects smoothly?

Is it good to delete AI animal and enemy objects when they are too far from screen to improve performance?

Is it better to spawn every new selected objects at once or generate them later when the player walk near their spawn point?

are there anything I should be aware of? are there any suggestions?

Thank you and sorry for my bad English.

1 - 100% possible

2 - Same like bullets you should delete objects that travel too far off screen for performance reasons

3 - There is ObjectSpawner extension which would streamline process of spawning enemies in your game by a lot

4 - It is better to spawn objects when you need them and not PRE spawn them
BUT in rare occasions it is wise to have them PRE spawned but it is really in very very RARE situations

5 - Nothing you should be aware or afraid if a problem pops up come here or to discord to ask for help and i doubt you can ask for something that would be hard to fix

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Thank you for your answer :slightly_smiling_face: Making my own game is my dream, I hope in the future I will publish my game and share with people here. :smile:

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