Is it possible to make a game like Portopia and Famicom Tantei Club with Gdevelop?

I’m pretty sure it can, with accurate gameplay like the two games above. But is it easy and possible to make? I’m thinking of making one and I’m very stumped about it right now because there’s not much question about it in the community. Hope y’all can help!

I had to google the games you mentioned and it seems they are kind of point-and-click adventures, right? Anyway, these kind of games are definitely possible to make in Gdevelop.

There is a pretty cool project called Swamp Swamp(demo) by After Apocalypse being developed with Gdevelop that goes in a similar direction.

There are a few tutorials about point-and-click with Gdevelop at youtube, although not in English.

Another interesting option might be Adventure Game Studio or a similar tool that is specifically dedicated to this kind of games.