Is it possible to make a game similar to roblox in gdevelop with THNK

Hi, I recently saw that this guy called @arthuro555 made a multiplayer framework for gdevelop called THNK. And I wanna know if its possible to make a game similar to roblox with it. What I mean by that is a game were people can make their own custom games/worlds and share them so other people can play them. If @arthuro555 himself can answer this that would be perfect :smiley:

It is possible. THNK would only takes care of syncing running game worlds across players, you would have to make the level editor, the loading of levels made with it, and the saving of those levels into an online database yourself. I can guarantee all of this is possible with GDevelop, but I cannot guarantee it’ll be easy.

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Nice, I know it will be really difficult but I found a level editor template by and a block based coding language for JavaScript made by google called blockly so I maybe could use that for events and stuff. So the only thing I dont get is how the sharing will work. I was thinking something like saving the scene into a JSON and then somehow saving the JSON onto a database.

update: I found this, Gofile - Free Unlimited File Sharing and Storage and it might help with some of the database stuff

a file hosting service?